1. What are the issues that cause inattention?

2. Using meditation techniques to increase attention levels.

3. Realising and paying attention to your divine, phenomenal self.

4. Understanding Attention, Automation and Inattention.

5. How is information processed to the memory structures?

6. The Sensory, Short-Term and Long-Term memory.

7. Understanding neural impulses and activation on neural pathways.

8. Understanding cognitive overloading in the cerebral cortex.

9. How to decrease cognitive overloading and increase attention levels.

10. The impact of transcription on successful retrieval.

11. A proven method to improve test results.

12. Questions and Answers session.

Dr. Maanasa Devi Govender is an Education Consultant with 25 years of teaching experience in the GET and FET Phases. She has taught English, Afrikaans and Guidance Counselling. She has lectured to teachers and principals offering the PGCE at the University of KwaZulu-Natal- Pietermaritzburg Campus. She has also trained teachers in Outcomes Based Education. She launched the Light Energy Ambassadors of South Africa (LEASA) at Clairwood Secondary which empowers learners to be conscious of their personal power. Since attention is the gateway to learning, her research focused on Attention and Memory with the aim of improving the performance of learners. Her training programme yielded amazing results. She completed her PhD. in education in 2010.

Maanasa is also the Principal of the South African Bharatha Natyam College since 1990. She has bestowed the Title of ‘Natyamani’ to 28 graduates in the Art of Bharatha Natyam. She also teaches Yoga and Meditation as part of the Bharatha Natyam curriculum.